Welcome to Faith Maternity Care!

Our mission is to disciple and provide assistance according to God's word to young mothers who choose life for their baby.  

Our desire is to provide the necessary life skills to empower young mothers to succeed and become self-sufficient as they choose to place their baby for adoption, or to parent their child, as we introduce them to a relationship with Christ.

Faith Maternity Care is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization supported by the donations of individuals, churches, and community organizations.

In Him,

The Team at Faith Maternity Care

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Faith Maternity Care
PO Box 6232
Fulton, Missouri 65251
Phone 573.642.7414
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  • Faith Maternity Care's Annual Fundraising Banquet

    This year's theme is "Precious In HIS Sight!" Please join us for a time of celebrating life, fellowship, and to hear about the good works that Faith Maternity Care has done within your community! 

    Location: 54 Country 400 Gaylord Drive, Fulton, Mo 65251

    Time: 6:00pm

    Please RSVP by September 30 to volunteer@faithmaternity.com or 573-642-7414; as this is a catered event


  • Donations Needed!

    We are in desperate need of maternity clothes of all sizes, baby monitors, and breast pumps! We are also running low on laundry supplies and toilet paper! Of course, donations of any kind are welcome and appreciated!

  September 2016