Non-Residential Services

Faith Maternity Care also has a large number of services available to those who have a safe place to live, but need additional supports. Non-resident services are open to everyone, male or female, and are not based on being pregnant. Faith Maternity Care provides $5 in "Baby Bucks" per class taken, allowing families to purchase material needs for small children at a significantly reduced cost (no actual money is spent for these items). 

Non-Resident Services We Provide Include: 

* To qualify for these services, the person receiving services must provide proof of pregnancy. Those receiving financial assistance will receive case management services for up to 6 months. 

** Access to diapers and wipes are available TWICE every three months, per family. More frequent need for supplies will accompany a referral to non-resident classes to earn baby bucks for the purchase of items. 

If you, or someone you know, are interested in any of our Non-Resident services, please call 573.826.2833 to speak with the Client Services Assistant, Minnie Via.